Generac 200 Amp PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch with Home Energy Monitoring System Model# RXEMW200A3

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  • Generac 200A PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch with HEMS.
  • 120/240-Volt Single Phase Service Rated ATS.
  • Home Energy Management System raises energy consciousness.
  • Homeowners can Reduce Energy Costs Up To 20 Percent.
  • Heavy-duty automatic open transition switch.
  • NEMA 3R Rated for indoor / outdoor installation.
  • Generac 5-Year Warranty on ATS. 1-Year Warranty on PWRview Monitor.

Generac PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch

The PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) with integrated PWRview energy monitor rated for 200-Amp service in homes or commercial installations. A Whole House automatic switch powers the entire home including air conditioners and other heavy loads. Generac’s PWRview Home Energy Management System helps homeowners save energy and reduce the monthly electric-utility bill.

By monitoring energy use in real time, homeowners and businesses can use the information to change the way they use energy and reduce consumption. Integrated PWRview monitoring works 24/7 on utility power and generator power.

The Generac PWRview Transfer Switch is an open transition transfer switch rated for service entrance installation. Compatible with all Generac single-phase generators with an Evolution or Nexus controller.

PWRview Transfer Switch Features

The Service Rated ATS has a powder-coat painted aluminum NEMA Type 3R enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation. A heavy-duty ETL Compliant Generac contactor disconnects the utility before engaging the generator.

Generac’s Evolution or Nexus generator controller handles all the ATS functions including sensing a power outage, signaling the transfer switch, generator exercise modes, and timing.

The All other automatic transfer switch comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Generac provides the PWRview monitor with a 1-year limited warranty. 

Generac 200 Amp ATS Load Management

Generac integrated a SACM (Smart A/C Module) into the RXEMW200A3 Automatic Transfer Switch to control heavy contactor loads like air conditioners. The SACM manages up to four air conditioners without additional hardware. When the thermostat turns on an air conditioner, load management detects a potential generator overload and prevents the air conditioner from starting. The system also prevents multiple loads from starting at the same time.

Adding external Smart Management Modules (SMM) allows the load management systems to control up to eight more heavy loads like electric water heaters, electric ranges, well pumps, and more. Load management makes it possible for a small, efficient generator to do the work of a much larger liquid-cooled to reduce the cost of owning and using a standby generator. Generac Load Management with the SACM and SMMs make it the most installation efficient power management option available.